Chloë is the author of the Celtic Lenormand Oracle (U.S. Games, 2014) and has also self-published two ebooks on magic  as well as two other Lenormand decks.  She learnt to use a pendulum from her mother as a child, along with reading coffee grounds, and has been a practising Pagan since 2001.  A member of TABI since 2006, she counts working for a psychic phone line as one of her tarot rites of passage.  She has been blogging as Inner Whispers since 2010, and running the TABI blog since the end of 2011.


Tarot and Pendulum Magic for Wellness – in this interactive workshop, you’ll explore various ways to use a pendulum alongside the tarot.  In particular, you’ll practise assessing the balance of your chakras, and then create a tarot spell to help with any areas of imbalance.  You’ll finish up with a magical meditation to invoke your spell, and get your changes off to a good start.


“My first foray into magic was when I was taught spell-casting, at the ripe age of thirteen, in a Satyananda ashram. At the same time I was also taught a sense of responsibility about these matters, something that a child who played with ouija boards instead of dolls badly needed to learn!


“Born and brought up in Belfast, my Irish grandmother wrote of her adventures in the Himalayas and “turned tables” at séances, while my English “Nan”—a Merryweather— charmed warts and told fortunes from tea-leaves. Both ladies were amazing in quite different ways and left me with a lasting love and admiration for rebellious crones.


“I’m restless and have had a very varied and slightly odd career as a result. I’ve been a knitwear designer, a university researcher in computer science (University of Kent), a senior lecturer in Humanities (University of North London), a digital media consultant in a large brand agency in London, and for six years I ran my own successful New Media firm, with offices in London and Prague.


“In 2001 I ran away to Prague after a card reading said—twice in a row—that I would meet a man there with whom I would fall in love, and with whom I’d also work. Six weeks later a Russian fashion-designer friend produced Alex Ukolov from behind a velvet curtain, and Baba Studio – and a new life – were born. Our first tarot, The Tarot of Prague, established our reputation for making decks that were beautifully illustrated and based on careful research. Since then, we’ve produced several more, including the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot, The Bohemian Gothic Tarot, the Victorian Romantic Tarot, and, most recently, The Alice Tarot.


“Recently, we’ve moved again, to the west of Ireland, one of the most mythic and magical parts of the country, and perhaps I am well on my way to becoming a rebellious crone myself.


Topic to be confirmed


The popular artist behind The Tarot of The Hidden Realm (with Barbara Moore, Llewellyn) offers us …


We will be finding our way along The Hidden Realm’s many paths with spreads and exercises devised specially for the Hidden Realm, but which can be meaningfully used with most decks.

Our final speaker is ……

Emily Carding

(Tarot of the Sidhe, The Transparent Oracle, The Transparent Tarot)

more info to come!